Friday, February 17, 2012

Chris Sorbe is the most wonderful, hard working, loving, caring, selfless, smart, intelligent,funny, and did I mention wonderful man in the world? He made this whole week possible and I owe so much to him!!!

2012 update

OK, it is now Friday, February 17, 2012 and it has been well over a year since I wrote last. I am lucky to get a family letter out to close family and friends once a month! Parenting is a fun experience to get to know more about yourself and about the different personalities of your children and how to handle them. Matthew has demonstrated new emotions now as a 10 year old...he has learned that the world is a mean and scary place. There is a bully in his class and the school watched a 'Cyber bullying' video and it really hit him last week. He missed three days of school with emotional issues and trying to catch up on mounds of homework. We have learned that he needs to sit and talk out his issues and spend alone one-on-one time with mom and dad to talk out his problems and issues. It sure makes him feel a lot better. I am so glad that he can verbalize his problems and concerns and we do not judge him or make him feel hesitant on sharing any of his problems. He will be all the healthier for it! He is a very motivated kid and wants to do his very best in everything. He took a break from Boys Chorus last semester but is back in it this semester. It seems to provide him with a healthy and fun outlet for his musical talent. He starts his homework independently and has decided to take a break from baseball this year. Wtih Scouts and Choir, he is still keeping very busy as a 4th grader. His favorite teacher is Mrs. Houston and he says his other teacher Mrs. Morley doesn't like him. I don't know how anyone could not like Matthew. He is currently ranked 1st of 44 4th graders with his grades! I think it is just a personality conflict. Matthew doesn't brown nose or suck up to people and she is the type of teacher that appears to like those that brown nose her...oh well. Matthew is validated everyday how much he is loved and what a wonderful boy he is...and he is!!

Andy had a wonderful baptism on January 21, 2012. Chris baptized and confirmed him with Bill Sorbe and Dan Madsen as witnesses to the baptism and Bishop Brown, Brother Holmes from the bishopric, Bill Sorbe, Dan Madsen, Geromie Isom and Brent Harvie in the circle for his confirmation. Andy is maturing in a healthy way. He is friendly and has a great personality. Not so shy anymore...he can't be with all his friends who shower him with attention! He says he runs all during recess from the girls who chase him constantly. He got all A's on his latest 2 report cards for 2nd grade and one B. He works hard and is especially motivated with math. He is also very competitive which will hopefully be a motivator for him with school and sports. He skipped a baseball league and will play with 9-11 year olds this spring as an 8 year old because of his skill level. Despite having to repeat myself a lot in talking to him, he is a great kid with lots of great potential!

TJ is working on independence with dressing, bathing and toileting. He needs help as a 3 1/2 year old on wiping or making it to the toilet for #2 every time, but we must celebrate progress. At least we haven't seen BM wiped all over the bathroom in a few weeks now. He loves watching Star Wars and playing with legos and playing battle and war. He loves to shoot at people and objects and has a constant layer of slobber coming out of his mouth because he doesn't have time to swallow with all of the shooting he is doing. He is sharing with Emma better and knows what it is like to take turns. He is so smiley and has the best laugh of any kid I have ever known!

Emma turned 2 on December 21, 2011 and got a dolly with stroller, a purse and about 7 different flavors of chap stick. She is now into changing out her shoes and can put her sandals on all by herself. She likes her clackety shoes best and also mommy's shoes! She is becoming more vocal with TJ to get her way and can stick up for herself pretty well. She plays well with the boys with whatever they are playing but also likes her alone and quiet time with a Dora or Elmo movie, too. She is quiet and sweet and likes to copy what we say (usually the last word of a sentence) and repeats the last contanant multiple times. Example: talk...k....k....k I guess she likes to really get her point across! She is the calm and peaceful factor of our home.

I just had breast implant surgery on Tuesday, February 14, 2012. Happy 100th Birthday to Arizona and Valentine's Day! Now that it is day 3 I can say I am very pleased with the results and am so happy of my decision! I have thought about it for a few years and never thought I would actually do it, but thanks to Keri Harvie, best friend ever, we decided to do it together! Misery loves company! Besides a little bruising and discomfort (elephant on my chest) I feel pretty good. I feel more feminine, sexy and excited to fill out clothes so I don't look like a 12 year old boy! Yeah! More to come on that for sure!