Thursday, August 26, 2010

Favorite Picture of all time!

Emma being photogenic!

Our little 7 month old girl sure loves Uncle Mike and Daddy at the Sorbe Family reunion. Andy isn't as apt to look at the camera as Emma. Is she already a COA?

Family Reunion Fun!

Levan, UT becomes quite the happening spot every July when the Sorbe's come to town. TJ really followed Matthew around like a little puppy dog and Emma showed off her personality for everyone. Matthew (8), TJ (2), Emma (7 mos.)

Fishing and Water Fun

Matthew and Andy went to Panguich Lake in Central UT with Mike and Jess Sorbe where they learned the fine art of fishing. Not only did they catch a fish, but Matthew got to eat it, too! Matthew got a Cub Scout Fishing beltloop thanks to their efforts!